What is Enterprise Solutions? A Quick Guide Before You Purchase this Software

In every enterprise, such problems will arise from time to time because of everyday responsibilities. The workload of each employee, including the boss, becomes demanding as the days pass by. Can you imagine how hard it is to manage lots of duties without any help? It is becoming hard and exhausting with each passing day.

An enterprise cannot function on its own without the aid of its employees, and of course, with the use of various technological devices. As we go outside, almost all of the businesses we see are functioning with the use of technology. One can?t hide the fact that our lives, whether personal or professional, have become more comfortable with the help of several machines and devices. You need technology to keep your operations move forward. Technology likewise allows us to do more important things instead of focusing on a single task that will take so much of our time.

When it comes to an enterprise, IT specialists have developed several things to help any business as much as possible. Some of them built software, and the others have explicitly made systems to meet the needs and demands of a growing industry. In this post, we will focus on the things you need to know about?Enterprise Solutions in the Philippines.

For you to understand the topic in a more precise way, here is the flow of what we will cover:??

  • What is considered an Enterprise?
  • What is an Enterprise Solution?
  • What are the Existent Enterprise Solutions Providers in the Philippines?

What is Considered an Enterprise??

Enterprises are commonly considered as large corporations that manage hundreds or even thousands of employees to run the business. These organizations are said to have a considerable budget that allows them to acquire highly developed gadgets that can help the employees to be as flexible as they can be.

In a world where technology advances from time to time, you have to keep up with the changes to benefit your business in the long run. With that, your IT needs should be centrally managed and supported as much as possible with the help of various companies who offer such assistance.

What is an Enterprise Solution???

Have you ever wondered the exact answer to the question: what is enterprise solutions?????????

In today?s time, an enterprise is becoming associated with Information Technology. It is commonly linked with topics concerning enterprise-class and enterprise solutions because the utilization of technology serves as a vital part of any business.

With that said, an enterprise solution is something that performs significant importance in today?s corporate world. The solutions are implemented and made explicitly by specialized IT technicians to help various enterprises to achieve their goals and objectives. The solution might be in the form of services or highly developed software. Any help for the enterprise is basically a solution to make progress happen with each passing day.

What are the Existent Enterprise Solutions Providers in the Philippines?

These enterprise solutions providers enable companies to get and circulate their data throughout the organization. They also offer an array of solutions to serve their clients well at all times. Apart from that, they help businesspeople to align their policies and business objectives to achieve better outcomes in the long run.

1. Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated –If you are currently looking or will look for a trusted specialist when it comes to IT services and support, Inaveit is an excellent choice to consider.

It is known as a system integrator and distributor that is primarily engaged in providing complete Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to its clientele throughout the Philippines. They have trained and skillful engineers for POS Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Installation, and of course, for Support. Apart from that, their company is mainly focused on network infrastructure, data centers, security solutions, such as network, web security, end-point, and surveillance systems.

If you want to know more about Inaveit, you could visit its website at?Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated.?Also, you could visit them directly at Mezzanine Floor, PHESCO Building, 491-495 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


2. Sagesoft Solutions, Inc.– Sagesoft is known for being an IT solutions provider in the Philippines. They mainly deliver?consultancy,?application, and?technology support for their clients throughout the country. Whether you have a small, medium, or large enterprise, Sagesoft is present to help you achieve the highest level of customer success. They always build foundations to see you succeed against your competitors. Providing premium IT services and products is their primary goal of serving you.

If you want to know more about them, you could visit their website at?Sagesoft Solutions Inc.?Also, you could visit them directly at 8th & 9th Floor Jafer Place Bldg., 19 Eisenhower Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.


3. ONETool Solutions Inc.? ONETool?s solutions are comprised of various?business solutions and multiple IT systems?to increase the enterprise?s organizational efficiency and flexibility. Apart from that, their unique and sturdy approach enables their clients to have the most flexible solutions that directly fulfill such business requirements in a short amount of time.

All in all, ONETool is a solutions provider in the Philippines that helps automate, integrate, and implement such solutions for your enterprise.

They mainly offer?Enterprise Application Integration (Systems Integration)?to modernize the traditional way of systems integration and automation projects. If you want to more about this and the company, you could visit their website at?ONETool Solutions Inc.?Also, you could visit them directly at 2276 Don Chino Roces Extension Narra Building, Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The three Enterprise Solutions providers, as mentioned above, are all trusted and reliable sources in the Philippines. If you want to discover the others, there are still more of these providers online that could meet your desired wants and demands. Nonetheless, one of these three providers can be the perfect partner that you have always wanted for your enterprise.

Solutions are pretty much relevant nowadays, whether in your personal or professional life. As we carry on with our businesses, it is always best to have a backup plan or an answer to every issue to avoid impending problems in the future. You need something that could bring your company at the top without sacrificing too much of your time and energy upon something that is not even worthwhile. With the fast development of technology, several IT solutions providers are present to assist you in your planned goals and objectives.

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What Do You Need to Know About Enterprise Business Solutions in the Philippines?

When it comes to having a business, preparation and the right set of solutions are what make the workflow operational at all times. Gone are the days when workers have to do everything with the use of their hands. In the past, work responsibilities were so hard to handle because there were no technological devices to make things more manageable. Apart from that, everything was to be done by hand rather than automatically or electronically, such as monitoring the records, accumulating payments, answering inquiries, and more. Fortunately, several enterprise business solutions in the Philippines are now present to assist all kinds of duties. You will eventually realize how technology has become a significant aspect of our lives, whether in work or personal life. As the famous adage says,??time is gold.??With that, we need assistance as much as possible to save time and be able to prioritize the more valuable things.

In the corporate world, you will suffer in the long run if you are not prepared with impending difficulties. The reason is that the company?s whole presence depends on the technological devices you are using. These devices help your employees to accomplish their tasks as correctly as it can be. Without assistance, your company will not improve because you are unreasonable enough to think that you can handle everything. Fortunately, several enterprise business solutions are present to handle all sorts of problems.

For you to understand what Enterprise Business Solutions is, here is the flow of what we will tackle:?

  1. What is Enterprise Business Solutions?
  2. What do solutions mean in business?
  3. What is an enterprise-level company?
  4. Enterprise Business Solutions Provider in the Philippines

What is Enterprise Business Solutions?

Enterprise Business Solutions come in the form of numerous applications and systems that deliver more advanced consulting and staffing solutions to businesses all over the world. These applications provide a focused set of capabilities that addresses the needs of a specific role for a better workflow. By having a solution to a problem, it allows the people in the corporate world to compete in today?s energetic and active business environment.

Basically, any type of service that a business needs to start-up or function can be provided by an Enterprise Business Solutions company. It is easy to think that if there is no problem, then there is no need for a solution. Unfortunately, there is no assurance that everything is going to be flawless every single day. With that, we need to come up with a solution to solve an approaching problem. A solution is always better than unawareness.

What do solutions mean in business?

Problems arise from time to time, no matter how long you are in a company. In your everyday business responsibilities, some obstacles will occur that will bother your time and productivity. With that, technology experts have come up with a solution to make your enterprise as functional as it can be. There is no such thing as perfection, but software and several applications will support you in getting back on track.

Some of the solutions might be concerned with?Network Security, Project and Program Management, Corporate Strategy Formulation, Network Monitoring, Web Security, and a lot more like these.??

What is an enterprise-level company?

According to?Shopify,?Enterprise?is a term for a for-profit business or company. However, it is most often associated with entrepreneurial ventures.

Enterprise Business Solutions Provider in the Philippines

If you are currently looking or will look for an Enterprise Business Solutions provider in the Philippines, here are some of the choices you can choose from:

  1. Inaveit System Technologies Incorporated –Inaveit is a company that is comprised of employees who work together to improve numerous services to help the clients? progress concerning their business needs. They offer certain IT services with flexible options and solutions for?retail, small, medium,?and?large-scale enterprises.?Apart from that, they have Custom IT solutions and services that are specially made for any business. All in all, Inaveit is a system integrator and distributor that is primarily engaged in terms of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to its clients.

When it comes to Enterprise Business Solutions, they mainly offer?Industry Standard Servers?for their clients. If you want to know more about their enterprise business solution, you could visit their website, which is?Inaveit System Technologies Incorporated. Also, you could visit them directly at Mezzanine Floor, PHESCO Building 491-495, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

  1. Spartan Allied Services Management Inc.– Do you need an in-depth look into your business? If yes, SAS Management Inc. provides management and business services in the Philippines. They help their customers to have their desired results concerning business matters. Spartan Allied Services has a team that is composed of reliable leaders and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries. Also, they have the right mix of business insight to help their customers to succeed in a world where people are competing for success.

As an organization, they both offer?Strategic?and?Operational Level Services?to assist any businesses. They always ensure that each business solution is appropriately in line to meet the needs and demands of the clients. If you want to know more about them, you could visit their website, which is?Spartan Allied Services Management Inc. Also, you could visit them directly at Unit 1602, Cityland 10 Tower 2, HV Dela Costa corner Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines. They also have offices located in the areas of Ortigas, Makati, and Cebu, if you are closer to these areas.

No matter what type of business it is that you have, some problems will still occur from time to time. In today?s increasingly potent and globalized workplace, companies should acquire the latest ways to adapt change, allot resources, and reinvent processes to secure a continuous workflow. The two providers, as mentioned above, do nothing but to help companies to achieve their business objectives and goals. They are both reliable providers that address current and emerging business requirements in a world where technology evolves as fast as the wind.

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Restaurant POS in the Philippines: A Detailed Guide Before Purchasing One

Opening up a restaurant is something that can never be taken lightly. The whole process of just being able to put it out there is definitely no joke – from conceptualizing its interiors and exterior design, the whole menu and how much each would cost, the location and anticipated customers, the amount of money involved, the number of workers that would be needed, up to the licenses and permits needed – and any useful assistance must be sought to make things a bit simpler for its owners.

In line with the assistance that can make restaurant proprietors’ lives easier, our technology has already gone as far as being able to compute, take orders, and even replace waiters in serving food. These tasks can all be taken care of by an excellent Point of Sale (POS) System and a number of important things that you need to know about restaurant POS in the Philippines will be elaborated in the next few paragraphs.

What is a POS (Point of Sale) System and How Does it Work?

Basically, a Point of Sale system is made up of software and hardware working together to create a network that can take, compute, and print a sale (which serves as a receipt), hence, the name. It can be made up of different and numerous hardware devices, though, the most basic ones are payment terminals, touch screens or monitors, receipt printers, cash drawers, and debit and credit card readers that are all being controlled by one powerful software. The performance of this system greatly depends on its hardware specifications and software reliability that’s why finding the best company to provide these for you is so important.

What Do I Need to Know About POS Systems for My Restaurant?

According to SoftwareAdvice, The most crucial thing to possess before looking for a Point of Sale system is the understanding of how your restaurant would work. Having this knowledge allows you to easily figure out the kinds of devices (hardware) that you, your workers, and your customers would need as well as the specific commands and features a software must have to fit your demands perfectly. With these being stated, listed below are some of the devices that make up a POS system. Check each and figure out which among these would be needed in your establishment:

  1. Main Server – The back office server or main server is basically the central computer where all of your company’s information such as bar codes, prices, and sales reports are entered and saved. At the same time, this server also acts as the main source of information for all of your other computers if you’re using multiple units. Regardless of the number of computers being used in your business, the back office server is where all of the relevant software shall be downloaded.
  1. Monitor and Keyboard – As we all know, the monitor is the screen where sales staff, as well as the customers, can view sales information while a transaction transpires. This is where you see the items being purchased, price, tax, savings or points (when applicable), subtotals, totals, and any other relevant information related to your transaction. The monitor is connected to the back office server and other devices such as a mouse, cash drawer, receipt printer, and a keyboard. Keyboards, on the other hand, can either be a physical or a soft one. Recently, touchscreen monitors and tablets (with soft keyboards that appear on the screen) are being utilized due to its convenience and easier navigation and these types of monitors are actually being offered by one of the best POS hardware providers in the country, Inaveit Systems Technologies Inc.
  1. Bar Code Scanner – this is a component of a POS system, however, most restaurants do not have a need for such as their products are usually just entered through the monitor via the keyboard. Barcode scanners are most useful in supermarkets, convenience stores, shops, etc.
  1. Cash Drawer – This is used to hold the business’ collected money. Most of the time, cash drawers are also connected to and being controlled by the main server where it is programmed to open by pressing certain keys or by performing specific tasks and commands. It can also be monitored and encrypted with passwords and the likes to ensure the business money’s safety.
  1. Receipt Printer – A POS System is usually joined by at least one small receipt printer. Here in the Philippines, business establishments are required to provide receipts as part of the law so make sure that you have this device when you get a POS system. Like the other devices of the Point of Sale system, receipt printers are also programmed from the main office server in order to generate customized receipts for your business.?
  1. Card Reader or Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) – card readers are very important especially nowadays when people are making use of cashless transactions. Obviously, its purpose is to obtain credit and/or debit card information of your customers to process payments. Card readers can be attached to the workstation terminal or they can be a separate portable device that your staff can bring to the customer?s tables if a PIN is being required to process a payment. Some PIN pads and card readers also have the capability to capture a customer’s signature – customers can digitally sign credit transaction receipts directly from its screen.


The different parts of a POS System discussed above are just some of its main components. Other POS systems have additional accessories and gadgets depending on the client’s needs such as headsets, kiosks, and the likes.

Now that you have understood each of the main component’s tasks and purpose, it should be easier for you to decide which of those are the most important and useful for your business and customers. To know more about your options, you can give Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated (one of the best system integrators and distributors in the country) a call today and find out what they can offer.

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What is POS? Everything You Need to Know About the Product

Business owners, whether from small or large enterprises, are very familiar with POS. They are very much aware of its usage, functions, and advantages to help them with their business requirements from time to time. In today?s period, the high volume of cash and credit card payments are what make the POS system a necessity for any business. Gone are the days when cash registers were the only ones that are used for business transactions. Today, the POS system simplifies communications between the employee and the customers. Also, it can make any work much faster and accessible for the benefit of everyone. With the recent changes and the arrival of new technologies, modern cash registers were invented, and we call it a??POS system.?

What is the Meaning of POS?

We always hear the term POS whenever we go shopping or eat at a restaurant. But the big question is, what is POS? POS is commonly known as the??Point of Sale System.??According to?Posusa, POS is a machine that completes a transaction between the merchant and the customer. For instance, when you are at your favorite shop or restaurant, you are set to make a purchase. With that, POS systems help you in the transaction process. At times, long queues are irritating enough, so a fast and reliable transaction is always a reward for the customers who have important tasks to prioritize.

What is the Purpose of POS?

Business owners, either from small or large enterprises, typically use a POS system to complete every sale transaction. As?POSUSA?mentions, a POS system is a combination of POS hardware and POS software that is programmed to complete a transaction and payment. The transaction is pretty much essential when it comes to business. The reason is that it serves as a piece of evidence and record for everything during work hours. When you buy something, a record or a piece of paper should be given as a way of documentation. Sometimes, the customers can also benefit from this by having a piece of paper that reminds them of what they bought and how much was it.

Why is the POS System Important?

POS is essential because it is mainly programmed to give you a good overview of your business every single day. It likewise keeps the record of the business workflow as accurately and fast as possible. With that, any existing data can be easily found without you having to look at everything. The system continually updates you about the products that were sold and will precisely inform you of what you still have in stock. By informing you, you can be mindful of when should be the time to refill the products for the business? continuity. Interruptions can be pretty complicated to solve if it appears suddenly. With that, POS helps you reduce the time being wasted by determining the problem as quickly as possible.

Apart from the information mentioned above, POS helps business workers to reduce mistakes as much as possible. It is hard to do a task manually; that is why POS serves as a significant factor to save time and achieve customer satisfaction.

The Point of Sale system was invented succeeding cash registers. Gone are the days when the actual register was the only thing that is used for a business transaction. During the days, employees have to do everything without the use of technology. They have to enter the products? prices manually, which takes too much of their work hours. Luckily, POS was invented and enhanced to be of help.

What Do POS Systems Do?

A point of sale system is mainly the heart of every business. In the past years, POS systems were expected to do more than merely complete business transactions. Aside from functioning as a similar cash register, it has evolved to meet the demands of the growing industry. Nowadays, business owners use POS systems for?manage inventory management, employment reporting, menu customizations, price modifications, staff management, sales reporting, customer management, marketing initiates, and a lot more like these. By its easy and straightforward use, the machine enables the workers to complete the pile of orders and accept all types of payments as accurately as possible. Aside from helping business, POS surely helps people too.

Does the POS System Need the Internet?

The majority does, but the others are capable of functioning even with the loss of Wi-Fi connection.?As the point of sale systems evolved, they became more enhanced with its connection.

How Do I Get POS?

If you are planning to get a POS system, there are several existent POS suppliers in the Philippines, like?Inaveit. As a company, Inaveit has been an expert in terms of managing various IT services for its customers. Apart from that, Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated has been a trusted system integrator and distributor of Communications Technology or (ICT) solutions for more than a decade. They mainly offer POS systems such as Aerpos, XPOS, and Panel CP.

Just like Inaveit, each supplier has POS systems ready for you at any moment. If you want to know more about the other existing suppliers, you could look for them online and ask them the questions you have about the POS system. Also, you could visit them directly if you have the time. Sometimes, it is better to acquire in-person to examine the product instead of buying it recklessly.

The POS system is typically the ?developed version of cash registers.? Today, everything is now heading towards the online world. The extensive use of technology makes every job more comfortable and accessible. Even the tools we use for business transactions are becoming more advanced as the days pass by. In today?s evolving world, you will eventually realize that?everything is possible with technology, no matter how impossible it may seem before. Good thing, IT specialists never abandon the possibilities of having a better world with the use of IT services and products.

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What?s the Main Difference Between IT Service Management vs. Enterprise Service Management in the Philippines?

In the corporate world, business professionals will always attempt to introduce something new that corresponds to the needs and demands of the general public. With that, companies usually apply and reinforce IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management in the Philippines for the betterment of their entity. ?If you are not familiar with the aforementioned service management, here are some information to keep you posted:

The first service management that you have to be familiar with is the ?IT Service Management? or (ITSM), and the next one is ?Enterprise Service Management? or (ESM) for short. According to Freshworks, the intended scope of Enterprise Service Management and IT Service Management are different from one another. Nevertheless, they still share common roots and are frequently implemented with the same set of concepts, tools, and processes within the organization.

IT Service Management (ITSM)?in the Philippines

When we talk about IT Service Management, we are mainly talking about IT Services that are being offered to customers. Some of these services are the applications you use on your laptop or portable computer, the software you utilize online, and many more.

As mentioned by?Freshservice, ITSM refers to activities like IT planning, designing, delivering, creating, supporting, and managing the life cycle of IT services for better customer service.?In relation to this, Simplilearn explains that ?customer satisfaction and business goals are at the core of ITSM success.??Unlike any technology-oriented IT approaches, ITSM is more on using a particular approach to help, assist, and focus on the needs of the customers with the use of technology.?All in all, IT Service Management mainly focuses on how to make IT services more manageable for business needs.??

Benefits of IT Service Management

  • IT Service Management is more about improving the delivery side of IT services in support of various business objectives.
  • It helps you to have a better understanding of your company?s needs and goals.
  • It helps you to manage the IT services in a more manageable way.
  • It is an indispensable facet that aids everyone in their business errands.
  • It helps the company?s technology team to be in sync with their business objectives.
  • It allows you to manage your work time more effectively and efficiently.
  • It enables your company to save more money. With the use of IT Service Management, your services are becoming more standardized and efficient that minimizes the money you spend upon resolving such problems.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)?in the Philippines

?Enterprise Service Management or ESM for short, is more focused on customer relationships and satisfaction with the use of numerous platforms and services.?

In any business, note that not everyone is familiar with the use of IT services and their corresponding approaches. Some people do not even grasp its complexities and usage, which makes them confused and frustrated during work hours. With that, lots of organizations, including business departments outside of Information Technology, are employing a long-established service management practices to operate their tasks more efficiently without being confused.

?When it comes to Enterprise Service Management, the employees usually provide a platform to be of service to their customers. Those platforms allow prospective customers to solve their inquiries on their own without having to monitor them one by one,? stated by Inaveit Systems Technologies. With this kind of service, the employees can save time to do more important tasks for the company instead of focusing on one aspect alone.

Benefits of Enterprise Service Management

  • It creates a productive working environment and workflow for the employees.
  • It creates a better line of communication for people in different departments.
  • The automation of the services helps the persons-in-charge to have fewer errors and can save more management time to do more critical tasks.
  • It increases customer satisfaction rate.
  • It allows the employees to control the information that is generated in the company.
  • It creates a better delivery and user experience.
  • It reduces the number of workloads.?

Main Difference Between IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management

Both IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management provide nothing but the best for the customers. These service management practices improve, design, assist, plan, and offer more efficient and manageable use of any system for the betterment of everyone in whatever they do.

Here is a table of their differences for you to understand it better:?

IT Service Management Enterprise Service Management
ITSM deals with the control, operation, and maintenance of IT service only. ESM incorporates the processes and orders that may not be necessary within Information Technology.
ITSM is more about planning, improving, and designing IT services to help customers. ESM is more focused on the customer relationship and satisfaction.
ITSM does not help the customers to solve issues on their own. ESM allows the company?s customers to resolve problems on their own.



IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management in the Philippines help people with the use of their customs and approaches. No matter how different they are, their purpose is for the betterment of both IT Services and people who work in such companies. Their differences are not that much because ESM takes the same goals of ITSM. Having these kinds of service management practices are essential from our day-to-day struggles in the corporate world to achieve our planned business objectives. With each passing day, new forms of technology and service management will emerge to aid people in anything relating to business.

Sometimes, you may not fully recognize it, but ITSM and ESM make your work life more manageable and hassle-free. They can help you and the company to achieve better customer satisfaction that can bring you good results in the process. If you keep on having the same struggles over and over again, chances are, you will be drained in your work as you keep on being submerged with those responsibilities.

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What are the Most Reliable Point of Sale Systems in the Philippines?

In every business, a Point of Sale system is essential to both the seller and customer as it helps them to get the transactions fast and easy. Indeed,??a great Point of Sale Systems in the Philippines can merge and simplify critical business operations. It can likewise provide you with a steady stream of data that you can use to make informed business decisions. If you are planning on getting one, you need to choose the most reliable ones to benefit your business.?

If you are reckless when it comes to obtaining a POS system, you may experience difficulties in the long run like:?

  1. The Point of Sale system is not suitable for your business.
  2. You did not choose the best POS system that could be beneficial for you.
  3. The software, functions, and services are not compatible to your liking.

Point of Sale systems can assist you to better appreciate your customers, your staff, and your business. POS systems likewise assist you in driving towards better profits and smarter ways of working. To avoid the circumstances mentioned above, here are?the most reliable Point of Sale systems?to choose from:

For Food and Restaurant Businesses:

  • Bacchus Point of Sale System

    This POS system is reliable when it comes to Food Data Management System. If you are currently planning on having a business concerning food restaurants and fine dining, this POS system is appropriate for you. The Bacchus POS system implements a complete waiter ordering system that is superior to the traditional ones.

    Bacchus Point of Sale System Features:?

  • It is a fully integrated system that acts as a communication bridge between multiple stations.
  • It has the latest hardware technology that makes it beneficial for restaurant owners.
  • It is secured with a user-level controlled access that keeps all of the information and transactions available to anyone who needs them.
  • It easily tracks your business growth day by day by providing a variety of reports available for market analysis.
  • It identifies and tracks the customers? behavior to improve market understanding.
  • It allows you to get access to the inventory levels as quickly as possible.
  • It has a touch screen interface for more accurate operations.
  • It has an unlimited number of buttons to avoid making errors.

For Retail Industries:?

  • Anahaw Point of Sale System

    If your business is in line with retail, Anahaw is the perfect partner for you. Anahaw is a product of?Exist, a global technology innovator that provides enterprise solutions throughout the Asia Pacific, the United States, and Australia.Anahaw is currently utilized in retail businesses in the Philippines, such as?Lawson, Beautiful Horizon, Noble House, Lydia?s Lechon,?and?Puregold.?As a POS system, it has a better and faster performance compared to others. It is designed for medium and large retail enterprises with end-to-end functionality.

    Anahaw Point of Sale System Features:?

  • It is a powerful, easy to use, and browser-based Point of Sale system.
  • It is fast, reliable, and full-featured compared to other systems.
  • It can manage inventories, take payments, and run different kinds of reports within your web browser.
  • It has multiple payment methods such as accepting currency payment, cash, credit cards, vouchers, credit sales, customer cards, and even gift certificates.
  • It has multiple hardware support that fully works with a variety of retail hardware.
  • It is compatible with POS peripherals such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, etc.
  • Anahaw Point of Sale system can still operate even with the loss of Wi-Fi connection.
  • Retail Data Management System (RDMS)

    Jimac has a POS system that is functional in every way. It is called RDMS or Retail Data Management System, a robust system that is a perfect partner for department stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, specialty stores, boutiques, and convenience stores in the country.

    Retail Data Management System (RDMS) Features:?

  • It provides an easy-to-use management system that is designed with efficient and secure retail and inventory features.
  • It has a ?promotion feature? that improves your sales management and increases your profit.
  • It has an organized back office control for viewing sales analysis.
  • It is developed with a dashboard that includes a variety of charts to monitor the status of the store.
  • HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800 (Point of Sale System)

    HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800 is a Point of Sale system made by HP.?It has a sleeking style and an all-in-one retail solution to assist you in your business.

    HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800 Features:??

  • It has a sleek design that is attractive for retail businesses.
  • It has a reliable, stable, and secure infrastructure.
  • It has a DDR3 RAM technology that provides a quick application loading.
  • It has flexible navigation features for the touch screen.

For Pharmacy Types of Businesses:

  • Hermes Pharmacy Point of Sale System

    If your business is in line with pharmacies, the Hermes POS system is the perfect partner for you. It is developed with a secure frontline module for quick and detailed transactions. Also, it is a reliable POS system that was built with an MMIS feature that gives brief and comprehensive information on every drug or medicine.

    Hermes Pharmacy Point of Sale System Features:?

  • It has a smart inventory lookup that has a variety of generic names, expiry dates, and package variations.
  • It can perform customized requirements.
  • It can generate unlimited pricing and multiple modes of payment.
  • It has a better market analysis compared to other POS systems.

Aside from Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated, these are just some of the most reliable Point of Sale Systems in the Philippines. There are still plenty of these systems online if you wish to find out more about what is fitting and advantageous for your chosen business. Nevertheless, the use of Point of Sale system is proven to be reliable for business owners because they are currently used in numerous companies in the country.


POS Register in the Philippines: How Important is It When Starting a Business?

No matter what type of retailer you are, adopting a POS (point of sale) system can turn your business around. Its usage provides you an all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues. – Your Cash?

According to?Vend Blog, the?point-of-purchase,?cash register, or?point-of-sale (POS) system?is?the heart of every retail business. These devices may be mistaken as one and the same because of their similar physical appearance, but they are all different in terms of their specific functions and advantages from one another. In this age, POS Register in the Philippines are more beneficial and reliable compared to cash registers in whatever business it is that you want to venture in. The reason is that it provides a more comfortable and faster process for transactions instead of doing everything one step at a time. If the transactions are slow, the customers will be annoyed as you are taking too much of their time.

In every business, transactions are shared between the seller and the customer. In fact, ?a business transaction happens when a third party is recorded in an organization?s accounting system.? Sometimes, transactions can even lead to thousands per day, depending on how many customers were there to purchase a product or service. In these kinds of conditions, you need to manage that kind of volume by utilizing a Point of Sale system to avoid difficulties in the long run.

For beginners, a Point of Sale (POS) system is ?a computerized network that is operated by the main computer to facilitate all kinds of transactions.? A POS system is suitable for business starters because it allows them to regulate all types of purchases, transactions, and business operations with the use of a streamlined computer system. As a business owner, you do not have to monitor everything one by one because there is a device that can be of help to you. As your business grows, your responsibilities will be multiplied. Having a reliable POS system will help you to focus on more important things rather than just focusing on one aspect alone.?

Importance of Having a POS Register in the Philippines When Starting a Business?

  • Point of Sale Systems are Simple to Use

    Apart from traditional cash registers, a Point of Sale system is very easy to use. The system is ideally made to be user-friendly with a graphical interface as part of its features. According to FitSmallBusiness, the best systems when it comes to a transaction should be easy to use and understand by anyone.??

  • Point of Sale Systems are Convenient for Your Business

    For someone who is new in the corporate world, a Point of Sale system is?convenient?for you to get started. Do you know why? According to Inaveit Systems Technologies, it is because cash registers have come a long way since then when it comes to carrying out business. Today, there is an electronic cash register that you commonly see in any restaurant, fast food stalls, spa and salon, retail shop, department stores, and so forth. A POS system is similar to a cash register, but it can operate as a card scanner, chip reader, barcode scanner, computer, server, and more, which are superior to ordinary registers. Also, a POS system is preferred by many because it is based on a personal computer. As a beginner, the POS system will help you to monitor every business transaction as quickly as possible. You may think that POS Systems are unnecessarily expensive, but it can give you the service that is more of what you paid for.??

  • Point of Sale Systems Provide Complete and Detailed Sales Reports

    The use of POS systems became popular in the ?80s and ?90s because of their variety of applications. Aside from being similar to a traditional cashier register, it also operates as a credit card processor, and it has basic inventory management that is essential for multi-channel sellers. According to?allBusiness, the central advantage of a POS system compared to a cash register is the??complete and detailed sales reports it provides.?

    According to?Vend Blog, the POS system has become more advanced in its features, function, and design over the years. Now, POS systems come with numerous packages and applications that serve the needs of any business owner.

  • Point of Sale Systems are Accurate in Scanning

    In your day to day business transactions, there will come a time where you will lose touch of what is happening because of the overwhelming responsibilities. No person has the ability to keep an eye on the business inventory and regulate it in such an adequate manner daily. With that, a Point of Sale system is convenient for you as it can accurately punch numbers from a sticker or barcode without you having to check all the items one by one.?

  • Point of Sale Systems Monitor Your Sales History

    Whenever the person-in-charge transacts with the customers, the POS system helps you to monitor the sales history of your business. Apart from that, the FitSmallBusiness explains that most Point of Sale systems operates as a ?back office? for companies with tools to monitor inventory, customer data, employees, and sales reports.??

  • Point of Sale Systems Provide Quick Checkouts

    When it comes to purchasing a product or service, people usually get irritated when the line is long, or when the transaction is pretty slow. With that, a POS system is helpful to serve the customers as quickly as possible. Compared to traditional registers, the POS system performs its functions quicker and simpler without getting delayed.?

The bottom line of this post is to let you know that the use of POS Register in the Philippines is essential when starting a business. POS systems have come a long way of being widespread in the Philippines because of its convenient features that allow people to process anything in a more accessible way. Its function and ability to process transactions have been beneficial for business owners, either small businesses or large enterprises. It can also assist you in numerous ways that even you, can?t handle alone.


POS System for Sale in the Philippines: Where Can I Find One?

The use of a POS system is generally present in any business in the Philippines. These systems allow the owners to have better control over their business operations at any moment. With the use of POS systems, you will have the record on which products have you sold daily, how many products do you still have, and how much money have you acquired upon the transactions that were made.

No matter what type of seller you are, acquiring a POS system for sale in the Philippines can help your business around. It can provide an all-in-one solution to problems like inventories that fail to match tallies, unrecorded sales, human errors, and the time wasted on correcting them. A POS system accurately collects and records every data that allows you to see how your business is functioning and how you can improve it in the days to come.

What is a Point of Sale (POS) System??

A Point of Sale system is a central component for your business. Having an efficient POS system can help you in many ways as it completes the transaction made by the machine and the customer. According to ERPLY Software, ?Point of sale (POS) system is the spot where your customer makes the payment for goods or services that are offered by your company.?

Importance of Having a POS System in the Philippines?

A POS system is efficient in any business as it makes sure that all of the operations are running smoothly. Its usage includes recording and analyzing sales data, managing the quantity of stock for inventory management, logging purchases, keeping in touch with the customers through marketing tools, and tracks employee?s sales day by day.

According to?Grullon, ?if you are finding the appropriate POS system, it is essential to consider the ease of use, flexibility in pricing, actionable insights that the system provides, data security, hardware durability, and the quality of customer service.? Without the use of a POS system, any business transaction won?t be as smooth as it should be.

Point of Sale System Providers in the Philippines:?

  1. Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated

    Inaveit is an expert when it comes to managing IT services for any of your businesses. Since 2006, Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated has been a trusted system integrator and distributor of Communications Technology or (ICT) solutions to its customers. They mainly offer POS systems such as Aerpos, XPOS, and Panel PC.

    Address: Mezzanine Floor, PHESCO Building, # 491-495 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

  1. JIMAC Incorporated?

    JIMAC Incorporated has been proven to be versatile when it comes to their user-friendly designed POS systems. They offer POS systems for different kinds of businesses such as ?TS Ceres? for fast food businesses, ?RDMS? for retail industries, ?Bacchus? for fine dining, and ?Hermes? for pharmacy types.

    JIMAC Incorporated?s POS Systems:

  • TS Ceres?Point of Sale System

    TS Ceres Point of Sale (POS) system is purposely made for quick-service restaurants. It is used explicitly for transactions such as ?order placement? and ?settlement of the bills.? This type of POS system is efficient for making your customer service satisfactory. It also provides a graphical user interface with touch screen technology for full-screen menu editing.

  • RDMS Point of Sale System

    Retail Data Management System, or also known as RDMS, is a powerful Point of Sale solution for various retail industries. It is suitable for any department store, supermarket, convenience store, specialty store, hardware store, and boutique. It is explicitly designed for the easy use of the data management system. Also, it is equipped with efficient and secure retail and inventory features.

  • Bacchus?Point of Sale System

    Bacchus Point of Sale (POS) system is a state-of-the-art business solution for anyone whose business is in line with fine dining restaurants. It is specially made to implement a complete waiter ordering system that is different from the traditional waiter-based system. This type of POS system increases front liner control, improves efficiency, and delivers better customer service.

  • Hermes Point of Sale System

    The Hermes POS system is a powerful Point of Sale solution for pharmacies. It is developed for fast and accurate sales transactions. According to JIMAC Inc., ?Hermes is equipped with a MIMS feature that provides both concise and comprehensive drug prescribing information.???

  • FLEX?Point of Sale System

    FLEX Point of Sale system is ideally suited for businesses like boutiques, specialty stores, and retail stores. It has an intuitive front-end processor and powerful back-office management with efficient, secure retail, and inventory systems.

    Address: TC Plaza Building, Penthouse Floor, #40 Quezon Ave., Quezon City, Philippines

  1. Exist

    Exist is a global consulting and IT solutions leader in the Philippines. As a company, they provide enterprise solutions and innovative products and services in the Asia Pacific, Australia, and the United States. Exist?s technology solutions and services are ideally suited for Retail, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, and other industries as well.

    They mainly offer ?Anahaw,? a new and enhanced Point of Sale system for retail industries. According to Exist, ?Anahaw is an entirely unified marketing solution that provides today?s seller with end-to-end functionality.?

    Address: Unit #502, 5/F Orient Square Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

  1. Kintoz Point of Sale?System

    Kintoz is a reliable web-based ?BIR Accredited POS Supplier? in the country that enables business owners to keep track of their sales, inventories, and more. They provide customized IT solutions that facilitate the effective integration of business processes to their clients. Their regulars include Healthy Edge, C.P Avila Pharmacy, Regina Rica, Plato Wraps, Buko Station, Famous Belgian Waffles, and so forth.

    Kintoz mainly offers BIR Accredited Point of Sale systems such as POS AIO Package, which is ideally suited for restaurant businesses, and POS AIO Dual Display Package for retail industries throughout the Philippines.

    Address:?Cambridge Village Cainta Rizal, 1900, Philippines

  1. Divergent Technologies Philippines, Inc.

    Divergent Technologies Philippines, Inc. is a provider of various POS solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of any customer. They provide a complete and integrated business and financial solutions for spa and salons, retail stores, fast food stalls, and supermarkets since 1997.

    They offer a variety of POS systems, such as:

  • IBM TOSHIBA. A POS System for sale in the Philippines that is engineered for retailers. It has a compact footprint and distributed design with a 500GB hard drive.??
  • IBM TOSHIBA POS 500 Series. A retail-hardened POS system that resists damage in harsh environments. It also has a biometric fingerprint reader and a programmable magnetic stripe reader.
  • HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800. A space-saving Point of Sale system, which has all the capabilities of a traditional retail solution. It has a sleek design that effortlessly fits into retail and hospitality environments.
  • POSIFLEX – XT-3015 SERIES. A beautifully sculptured slim bod Point of Sale system with a bezel-free touch screen.
  • DTPI CPOS CM-6785. An LCD Monitor with 500GB Serial AT Attachment.Address: Ground Floor, FCC Building, #7494 Santillan St., Barangay Pio Del Pilar, Makati City, Philippines

These are just a few examples of POS Systems in the Philippines. There are still more of them online if you wish to consider more options for your business. Each POS system is ideally suited for any industry, so you have to decide on what it is to be bought carefully.


What are the Most Vital Hardware Enterprise Solutions in the Philippines?

Starting up a business is never easy. Just thinking about your concept, the products or services you would be offering, the labor, the time it would take you to build it up, the finances, and many more can already be overwhelming. The good thing is that in this period, humans have already come up with different technologies to reduce our efforts plus make other things more manageable for us. An IT enterprise solution is one of the best examples of our innovations to make our lives less difficult.

Enterprise solutions in the Philippines are usually not made up of very complicated infrastructures or system. Most of these solutions are for data gathering and distribution all throughout the company, its workers, its clients, and its customers but it does not necessarily mean that enterprise solutions are limited to that function. In the next paragraphs, this technology will be explained further with a focus on its hardware components and the importance of each in a business.

What is Hardware Enterprise Solution?

Hardware enterprise solutions in general often consist of servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and the likes. Most of these pieces of equipment are used to build and complete the infrastructures of a company. These systems are designed to cater to companies with a lot of employees or users (thus, the term enterprise) as well as those companies that keep very important data which needs to be accessed from time to time. Although this may be the case, enterprise-level hardware, however, may still be utilized and can remain very helpful to smaller companies.

What are the Must-Have Hardware Products for your Business or Company?

1. Computers: A Desktop or a Laptop

Is there any company (regardless if it’s big or small) that does not need a desktop or a laptop? A computer is such a necessity nowadays that even students need it for performing a couple of different tasks. Computers are widely being sold all throughout the country, however, there are special ones that are made specifically for completing office tasks – these are built with better specifications, bigger memory, faster processors, and more. These desktops or laptops may cost you a lot at first, however, in the long run, you will realize that you saved more since these computers usually last for years compared to cheaper ones. In addition to its durability, just imagine the amount of time and labor you would be able to save by having the right computer.

2. External Hard Drives or Backup Devices

An external hard drive (or removable hard drive) is a storage device which is not a part of a computer but can be connected to it by a USB cable or a wireless connection. Think of it as a flash drive but with way bigger memory size which therefore allows it to store huge amount of data. It is most commonly used to back up important files, to store different types of media that need to be portable, and when the internal drive of the computer is already full. It will always be advisable to have one even if your company data is already being kept in cloud storage. An external hard drive with great quality will remain as a very wise investment to have as it makes sure that all your important files are always backed up. Just think about what you would do if some of your company’s work becomes corrupted or compromised and you don’t have any backup for those.

3. Network Server Solution and Software Applications

Some types of business need different kinds of networks to support their databases such as a special email application, an intranet, and the likes. These can be taken care of by some network server solutions that’s why it is of great importance to talk to a specialist about the amount of storage capacity your business would need, its security demands, and backup options to make sure that you would find the right package for your company.

4. Router, Modem, and Internet Connection (Wireless or Cabled)

If you would like to keep your business up and running smoothly, then you must understand that investing in a reliable internet connection and devices are vital. Keeping your office connected to the internet (or intranet) must be a priority. Even though most companies prefer a wireless internet connection because it saves them space, effort, and manpower to install all the cables all over the office, it does not necessarily mean that yours must be wireless too. Bear in mind that keeping a cabled one also has its advantages such as a fast, strong, and stable connection so choose which type of connection suits your company/office best.

5. Accessories: A High-Quality Printer and Security Tools

If there are accessories that you should consider having in your office, these must be security tools and a printer. Why? First, it must be a top priority to make sure that your company and customers’ data is greatly protected. Aside from the software security, there are also a couple of devices that can provide protection and avoid data breach within your offices such as CCTV cameras, fingerprint scanners, metal detectors, and many more. These gadgets can help avoid theft and other crimes. What about the printer? It is true that most transactions are now being done paperless but securing a hard or printed copy of important files is still necessary up to this day. These files include employee contracts, terms and conditions, customer agreements, and the likes.

If you are thinking of having these pieces of equipment, it is best to conduct some research first so you would have something to look for when shopping for each device. Inaveit is a company that offers wonderful IT enterprise solutions in the Philippines and they offer most of the hardware listed above. You can contact their sales team through or (+632) 559 29 57 to get these enterprise hardware-must-haves and find out which package suits you best.



How Do You Determine the Best POS System in the Philippines?

Even though there is not a lot of companies that offer different Point of Sale (POS) systems in the country, it is still very important to determine which one is most suitable for your business and your company. Choosing the best POS system in the Philippines is not as easy as it sounds and there are times that it can get confusing. What’s working for other businesses may not always work for you, so it is of great significance to set some guidelines and know what exactly you are looking for in a system.

There are a lot of things to consider before buying a POS system and you must be very careful not only because there are so many consequences and things that are put in the line but also because such a thing is not very cheap. So, how would you know if it is the best POS system for your business? Here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself before acquiring one:

  1. Is this POS system easy to use?

Keep in mind that a Point of Sale system is supposed to make your employees’ lives and job less complicated. This means that such a system must not take you ages to understand and operate. If it is possible, have a system that is personalized for your business and workflow or at least something that can be easily customized since a generic one may not always be a very good fit for your business. The easier a system is to learn and use, the faster the employees can accommodate customers and perform their tasks which should be one of your main goals.

  1. Can this technology gather, keep, organize, and take care of your customer’s data?

Regardless of the nature of your business, being able to collect valuable customer’s data is an important feature that you must look for.? Having these data organized will provide you instant reports allowing you to be able to improve your services by knowing what your customers really like and what they think of your products or services. Depending on your POS system, you may also can determine which ones are the crowd favorite and which ones are being bought the least. In addition to these features, being able to keep such data for a period is quite as relevant as the other features.

  1. Will this be able to keep up with my business after a few years?

Some POS systems may be easy to use when you first start your business but might not be able to keep up after a few months. Of course, as your business grows, more and more data will be gathered and stored in your system, new options will also be needed to be added since we can expect additional products and services as time goes by. That is why you must consider the specifications of both the hardware and software components of the POS system that you are looking at.

  1. Will there be a need to update it from time to time? How hard would updating it be?

Like the software systems in our phones, a POS software may need constant updating too. Older systems need technicians or other supports in order to be updated which takes a long time and may affect your business due to delays. Nowadays, however, software updates in our phone usually take only a few minutes and merely a few clicks so if you can find a POS system that allows you to update as easy as that, then that’s one good thing to consider.

  1. Is it easy to use with other technologies?

It would be better for you if your POS system can easily be integrated with other technologies software-wise or hardware-wise. Some systems may not be as flexible as this and it is always best to buy this system from just one company and as a set. If you are looking for a complete POS system set, you can check Inaveit’s products as they offer one of the best POS systems in the country lots of options to choose from.

  1. How secure is the POS system?

This one is quite self-explanatory but is very important when looking for any kind of system. Remember that customer data would be gathered and saved in this technology and their information may be used for fraud if it gets breached. Just imagine the amount of money it might cost your company.

  1. Do they offer technical assistance? How much would it cost?

The reliability of technicians and prompt technical support is vital in buying a POS. It is important to know that there is always someone you can rely on to whenever the system has issues. If your business operates 24 hours in a day, choose a provider that offers a 24/7 technical assistance and if possible, choose a provider that offers such for free.

  1. Are there good reviews about this POS system?

Before we try something new may it be a service, food, or whatever product it is, it’s always necessary to ask others about it first. This gives us a heads up whether the product would be worth its price, the pros and cons of it, or simply just how others find it. Reviews may not be accurate all the time, but it helps us formulate ideas of what a product or service is on our mind. If possible, search for a POS system provider with consistently high ratings and where customers provide detailed reports of their experiences of it.

There may still be more questions that you can ask aside from what is listed above. Remember that it is never a bad thing to ask questions especially if your business depends on it. Never hesitate to communicate effectively to the sales team of the POS system provider that you are eyeing since this helps them figure out how they can exactly help you and what services and products would work best for your company.