What are the Most Reliable Point of Sale Systems in the Philippines?

In every business, a Point of Sale system is essential to both the seller and customer as it helps them to get the transactions fast and easy. Indeed a great Point of Sale Systems in the Philippines can merge and simplify critical business operations. It can likewise provide you with a steady stream of data that you can use to make informed business decisions. If you are planning on getting one, you need to choose the most reliable ones to benefit your business. 

If you are reckless when it comes to obtaining a POS system, you may experience difficulties in the long run like: 

  1. The Point of Sale system is not suitable for your business.
  2. You did not choose the best POS system that could be beneficial for you.
  3. The software, functions, and services are not compatible to your liking.

Point of Sale systems can assist you to better appreciate your customers, your staff, and your business. POS systems likewise assist you in driving towards better profits and smarter ways of working. To avoid the circumstances mentioned above, here are the most reliable Point of Sale systems to choose from:

For Food and Restaurant Businesses:

  • Bacchus Point of Sale System

    This POS system is reliable when it comes to Food Data Management System. If you are currently planning on having a business concerning food restaurants and fine dining, this POS system is appropriate for you. The Bacchus POS system implements a complete waiter ordering system that is superior to the traditional ones.

    Bacchus Point of Sale System Features: 

  • It is a fully integrated system that acts as a communication bridge between multiple stations.
  • It has the latest hardware technology that makes it beneficial for restaurant owners.
  • It is secured with a user-level controlled access that keeps all of the information and transactions available to anyone who needs them.
  • It easily tracks your business growth day by day by providing a variety of reports available for market analysis.
  • It identifies and tracks the customers’ behavior to improve market understanding.
  • It allows you to get access to the inventory levels as quickly as possible.
  • It has a touch screen interface for more accurate operations.
  • It has an unlimited number of buttons to avoid making errors.

For Retail Industries: 

  • Anahaw Point of Sale System

    If your business is in line with retail, Anahaw is the perfect partner for you. Anahaw is a product of Exist, a global technology innovator that provides enterprise solutions throughout the Asia Pacific, the United States, and Australia.Anahaw is currently utilized in retail businesses in the Philippines, such as Lawson, Beautiful Horizon, Noble House, Lydia’s Lechon, and Puregold. As a POS system, it has a better and faster performance compared to others. It is designed for medium and large retail enterprises with end-to-end functionality.

    Anahaw Point of Sale System Features: 

  • It is a powerful, easy to use, and browser-based Point of Sale system.
  • It is fast, reliable, and full-featured compared to other systems.
  • It can manage inventories, take payments, and run different kinds of reports within your web browser.
  • It has multiple payment methods such as accepting currency payment, cash, credit cards, vouchers, credit sales, customer cards, and even gift certificates.
  • It has multiple hardware support that fully works with a variety of retail hardware.
  • It is compatible with POS peripherals such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, etc.
  • Anahaw Point of Sale system can still operate even with the loss of Wi-Fi connection.
  • Retail Data Management System (RDMS)

    Jimac has a POS system that is functional in every way. It is called RDMS or Retail Data Management System, a robust system that is a perfect partner for department stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, specialty stores, boutiques, and convenience stores in the country.

    Retail Data Management System (RDMS) Features: 

  • It provides an easy-to-use management system that is designed with efficient and secure retail and inventory features.
  • It has a “promotion feature” that improves your sales management and increases your profit.
  • It has an organized back office control for viewing sales analysis.
  • It is developed with a dashboard that includes a variety of charts to monitor the status of the store.
  • HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800 (Point of Sale System)

    HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800 is a Point of Sale system made by HP. It has a sleeking style and an all-in-one retail solution to assist you in your business.

    HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800 Features:  

  • It has a sleek design that is attractive for retail businesses.
  • It has a reliable, stable, and secure infrastructure.
  • It has a DDR3 RAM technology that provides a quick application loading.
  • It has flexible navigation features for the touch screen.

For Pharmacy Types of Businesses:

  • Hermes Pharmacy Point of Sale System

    If your business is in line with pharmacies, the Hermes POS system is the perfect partner for you. It is developed with a secure frontline module for quick and detailed transactions. Also, it is a reliable POS system that was built with an MMIS feature that gives brief and comprehensive information on every drug or medicine.

    Hermes Pharmacy Point of Sale System Features: 

  • It has a smart inventory lookup that has a variety of generic names, expiry dates, and package variations.
  • It can perform customized requirements.
  • It can generate unlimited pricing and multiple modes of payment.
  • It has a better market analysis compared to other POS systems.

Aside from Inaveit Systems Technologies Incorporated, these are just some of the most reliable Point of Sale Systems in the Philippines. There are still plenty of these systems online if you wish to find out more about what is fitting and advantageous for your chosen business. Nevertheless, the use of Point of Sale system is proven to be reliable for business owners because they are currently used in numerous companies in the country.

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