Are you looking for a reliable POS System in today’s time? Do you know where to find such a thing? Luckily, there are numerous companies in the Philippines which can be of help to you at any moment. At Inaveit, we offer you such POS Terminals that are products of DataVan. For those of you who are not familiar with the name, DataVan is one of the most substantial providers of POS terminals around the globe. As a company, they mainly offer POS touch terminals,modular POS, Kiosk self-service systems, and other peripherals to help any possible business. With 30 solid years of service, they have a well-established reputation for having high-quality products and customized services for their clients all over the world. As a company, they provide the best services to its global clients for them to increase their business efficiency and productivity as much as possible.

Through the years, DataVan has always been committed with its business partners around the world. They create and provide nothing but intelligent and creative total solutions for any business. As a company, they combine the latest form of technology to invent such exclusive and user-friendly products from time to time without compromising the quality.For more than a decade, they have always been dreaming of new ways to create products that move your businesses forward. With that, they have a dedicated team of professionals that can assure you of a profitable outcome. According to them, they can make your ideas into reality by using various collaborative design approaches. When it comes to their services, they are a hundred percent committed to providing you with the highest quality of works through every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Luckily, at Inaveit, we provide two of its world-class POS Terminals to be of help to you. We offer you the “DataVan Glamor Touch” and the “DataVan Wonder.” Whenever we need something, the reputation of the company brings a great deal of our decision. With that, we can assure you that our services and offered DataVan products do not only meet but exceed your expectations. If you want to know more about us and these offered DataVan products, please do not hesitate to give us a call to answer all of your inquiries. Also, you could visit us directly at Mezzanine Floor, PHESCO Building 491-495 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, if you have the time.



DataVan Glamor Touch is a small footprint and space-saving POS System that is perfect for retail and hospitality environments. Apart from that, it is programmed to streamline your business and meet critical missions to guide you in your work. When it comes to its features, this POS Terminal has aVFD/LCM/8”/10”/15” customer-facing display, a flexible ergonomics design, and a cord-free outline that are impressive inside and out. It also has a high level of ingress protection with advanced security and manageability compared to others.


If you want to spend less without compromising the quality, then this POS Terminal is the ideal one for you. It is a fanless system with multiple storage areas that will surely offer you convenience. It has a small footprint and cable management system as part of its features. Apart from that, it was explicitly designed to withstand harsh retail and hospitality environments from time to time. As a whole, it is a well-engineered, high performance, and reliable technology that is available to help your business.